White Tale The Pony
Hi, my name is White Tale, Guess Why?

I think I’m a funny pony, but my friends may not think so (especially Bubba hehe). I am the jokster that likes to play tricks on my friends!  Sometimes I get caught red-handed, like when I was eating grass on picture day, even though Sandy told me not to…Hahaha!  But the grass is soooo good.  I met Bubba several years ago when he asked me to come out to one of his parties. It was pretty cool, and we met a lot of nice people.  I am always happy when I can tag-along with Bubba. Sometimes we eat carrots, and even apples if we are on our best behavior. Bubba makes sure I don’t eat too many though, ’cause I’ll have gas all night! Our lives are pretty cool, huh?  Bubba is one of my best friends! He’s a pretty great fella and that’s no joke!

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