Are you planning an Easter party for your little ones this year? The ideas below will help you to get started with your Easter plans:

DIY Kids Easter Crafts

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Easter Eggs

First things first, Easter eggs! These are everyone’s go-to when it comes to Easter, and you may even see them in the shops just after Christmas. This gives you plenty of time to get ready. From giant eggs to mini eggs there are plenty to choose from so make sure you include some in your Easter shopping list. You can use them as decorations, gifts, and even in some Easter baking.

Easter Craft Ideas

Easter Craft Ideas

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Make Easter Cookies

Make a large batch of Easter-themed sweet treats ahead of time, then prepare icing and various toppings (including pastel sprinkles and candies). When it comes time for dessert, both children and adults can get creative in creating their own delicious delight.

Set Up A toddler-friendly Activity Table

Fill the children’s table with egg-shaped containers and crayons to keep them occupied during the activities they may be too young for. It’s also a great place for children to calm down and have half an hour of quiet time from all the excitement of the day. Pass out this cute printout and some crayons and allow each youngster put their own spin on a basket to keep the kids occupied while someone hides the eggs.  If you’re looking for small kids’ tables, you can find affordable ones here.

Easter Egg Hunt

Every Easter party needs to have an Easter egg hunt! Your’s should be no exception! Before everyone arrives hide some eggs around the garden (or in your home if the weather isn’t great) and then hand out some baskets for the little ones to hunt down all the hiding places.

You could also take it to the next level if you have older children and set up a scavenger hunt. Gather two sets of items that you could discover in an Easter basket before the celebration. Hide the objects across the yard or party area. Divide the players into two teams and give each side a list of goods to find, including the baskets. Begin by directing them to the location of the basket so that they can use it to transport the remaining objects. You can also leave further hints about the remaining objects at each hiding site. The goal is to be the first group to return with everything in your basket.

Easter Toys And Games

No party is complete without entertainment and an Easter party is no exception to that. A few ideas you could try include:

Easter Bingo

Create an Easter bingo card using charming clip art pictures. For each card, you print, change the order. One card should be cut up and the photos should be placed in an Easter basket. Give each child a jelly bean to use as a bingo marker. Take one image at a time from the container and show it to the children. They must mark the location that corresponds. Continue to play until someone earns a bingo.

Eggs In A Haystack

Wrap two huge crates in brightly colored paper for spring. Fill them with greenery for Easter. Form two groups of children. Bury one colored egg in the grass for each player. Line up the teams and have them compete in a relay race to collect an egg from the box. The larger the boxes and the more grass you utilize, the more difficult this game becomes.

How Many Beans Or Eggs Are In The Jar?

Try this hands-off exercise if you’re seeking another game. Fill one jar with jelly beans and another with eggs and set aside blank scraps of paper. Allow guests to write down how much candy they believe is in the jar, then place their guess in an empty glass jar. Before the party ends, award a special prize to the person who comes closest to the correct number.


Need more game ideas, you can purchase more games here.

Home Decor For Easter


Of course, no Easter party is complete without some home decorations. Some ideas for you to try include:

Display A Festive Banner

In less than an hour, you can make and hang Easter decorations that will stand out at a Zoom gathering or entry wall, using an oval-shaped punch tool and pastel-colored washi tape.

Hang A Piata With An Easter Theme Easter Egg Hunt

This enjoyable project will be enjoyed by the entire family, because who doesn’t love any reason to stockpile as much Easter candy as possible?

Yard Signs

If you are hosting a party in your yard then you can’t go wrong with some Easter yard signs. You can use them to direct to the different zones such as the crafts table or food tables and you can also use them as part of an Easter egg hunt or scavenger hunt.


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These ideas should get you off to a good start with your Easter party planning. If you are looking for some interesting entertainment for your Easter party check out pony rides and the petting zoo which includes bunny rabbits.

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