Bubba The Party Animal
Hi, my name is Bubba, I like to party!

Bubba was a small, shy pony that stayed to himself all the time.  When Bubba was younger, he was a petite little pony that felt intimidated by all the large horses on the farm. One day, Sandy, the farmer’s daughter, came out to feed the horses and realized how far off to the corner Bubba was. Sandy also noticed he wasn’t running to the food like all the other ponies, so she asked Bubba, “Why are you staying in the corner and not coming up for food like everyone else”.  Bubba replied, “They are all so big, but I’m so small!  I can’t get to the food fast enough without them pushing me out of the way. It’s like they don’t even see me!”  From that day on, Sandy made a point to go out to Bubba to feed him personally.  She also took him out of the fence to give pony rides when children visited the farm.  Bubba’s confidence grew more and more everyday!  He got so much attention from the kids, and they just adored him and his personality.  He had so much fun, Bubba asked Sandy if he could give pony rides to kids more often. That is when Sandy and Bubba hatched the idea of doing pony parties.  Bubba became a social butterfly that started making friends with the other horses on the farm.  He realized that he’s not so small after all and even if he was, it’s his personality that others would love.

Today Bubba has a lot of friends and Bubba likes to party! Let’s meet his friends Pie, White Tale, and Orio.

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