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Unicorn rentals are a perfect compliment to a princess theme party. Our unicorns are magical for kids of all ages. Of course, little girls love the mystery of unicorns but the little boys do not shy away from riding them as well. All of our ponies are available to transform into adorable unicorns and our unicorn handlers are there to make them real for the kids. You can have a unicorn rental in various sizes and colors depending on the age group of the kids. But no matter the color or the size of the unicorn, your kids are sure to love them.

We have serviced many parties with our unicorn rentals. Our goal is to make your child's birthday party the most enjoyable possible. The children are so surprised when the unicorn arrives and there are instant smiles on their faces. If the unicorn rental is a surprise for the children, let us know and we will try to arrive as discrete as possible. There is no better surprise than to have a real life unicorn show up to their birthday party. Your child's birthday party will be the talk of the class.

Themes that are a perfect compliment to our unicorn rentals are prince and princess themes, castle theme, magical themes, my little pony themes, animal themes, Disney themes, farm themes, and of course a unicorn theme party. You can have a unicorn rental in NJ, PA, and NY surrounding areas. Remember that riding a unicorn is just as enjoyable as riding ponies.

In addition to unicorn rentals, we also provide other party rentals, such as bounce house rentals and face painting for parties. If you have questions regarding our party rentals, contact New Joy Farm online or call us at 908-376-9375 to discuss bookings and reserve your date.


Unicorn Rental with Clover

Unicorn Rental with Clover in NJ, PA, Staten Island

Unicorn Rental with Apollo at a Princess Party

Unicorn Rental for Princess Party in NJ

Unicorn Rental with Copper at a Unicorn Party

Unicorn Rental in NJ with Copper

Unicorn Rental with Pie at a Unicorn Theme Party

Unicorn Rental in NJ with Pie

Unicorn Rental Information

  • The unicorn will arrive at your house to participate in your special event.
  • If you have less than fifteen kids, you can rent one unicorn.
  • Fifteen or more kids you will need two unicorns.
  • Children three years or younger will need a parent or guardian to walk alongside the unicorn.
  • All unicorn rentals are guided on a lead line.
  • Our unicorns are calm and arrive shiny clean.

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