Horse, Wedding and Unicorn Photoshoot

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Are you looking to have a photoshoot with a unicorn or horse for your daughter? If it's your child's dream to have a magical moment with a unicorn or pony, give us a call. We have white, brown and tan ponies that are adorable for photoshoot. Don't worry if you don't have a photographer, we have photographers already lined up. Ponies and unicorns are not just for little girls. Your son can have his real life cowboy moment with our ponies and the professional photos to prove it. If your looking for a unicorn photoshoot or pony photoshoot contact us.

Are you getting married? If you are having a wedding and would like to have a horse at your wedding, contact us. We have horses available for your wedding or engagement photoshoot. It would make your wedding celebration very memorable.

View Photos from our Horse & Unicorn Photoshoots

Unicorn photo shoot in the park Unicorn photo shoot on farm Prom group photo with horse Cute unicorn photoshoot
Wedding photoshoot with groom on horse Black and white unicorn photo Prom couple Photoshoot with horse At the promo with a horse
Unicorn photoshoot of girl touching horse Baby on pony photoshoot Photo of unicorn look at child
Unicorn park photoshoot Walking horse down isle at wedding Little girl and unicorn bonding White horse photoshoot at the prom




If you would like to learn more about our ponies for unicorn photoshoots with a professional photographer, call New Joy Farm Entertainment at 908-376-9375 to get your questions answered and to book your date.


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