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Lead Animal Handler  

New Joy Farm Entertainment (NJFE) introduces our passion for horses and the farm lifestyle to people outside the rural community. We exist to bring joy and laughter to families (adults and children alike) by allowing communities to get a taste of the farm life.  

NJFE provides products and services that educate, and facilitate hands-on interaction with farm animals such as horses, goats, lambs, chickens and more. We partner with daycares, schools, churches & other organizations that foster parent and child activities; And we provide facilities and spaces where children and adults can go to enjoy animals and animal fairytales.

We are a traveling party rental company looking for someone who can work part-time on weekends at events and birthday parties. We provide pony rides, unicorn rides, and petting zoos for events mostly in central and northern NJ but can extend to south Jersey, PA and parts of NY.     Our busiest event days are on Saturdays and Sundays but events can be any day of the week. If you're not afraid of animals and would love to work with them, this is the perfect opportunity. Whether at a festival, birthday party or corporate event, we love to make families smile.  Our animals bring joy to both parents and children        

We are looking for a Lead Animal Handler  to work our parties and events.    You would be responsible for prepping the animals before the events, loading them on the trailers and setting them up at events.        Once at events you will make sure the area is suitable for riding.      While giving pony rides,  help children on the pony and walk the pony around using the lead line. While giving the rides, children are  inquisitive so you will need to be interactive with them.

The petting zoo is with the rest of the animals. The Animal Handlers will set up the barriers for the animals at the parties.  They will  unload and load the animals for transport to and from each event. During the petting zoos, we allow the children to feed and pet the animals properly. Children and parents are supervised while participating in the petting zoo. 

No experience is needed.  We will train each handler. 


Must have a valid driver's license
Must know how to drive a truck and trailer
Must be children and people- friendly
Must not be afraid of animals (ex: horses, ponies, lambs, goats, pigs and chickens)
Must have transportation to and from the farm   

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